14 ways to save Money on Groceries



Whether you are a individual or family person, Grocery always takes a major portion of your salary.Sometime it is as much as your monthly rent.Controlling grocery budget can affect your yearly saving.Carefully managing your grocery cost can save upto 25% monthly.I am going to discuss simple way to manage your food and grocery cost which can save minimum of 500-1000 INR from your monthly income.Find interesting, lets see it one by one. More

Create Facebook store using Shopify

This is part two of Shopify review where I am going to discuss how to create your online store on Facebook page.Lets try to understand first what is a Facebook store?

A Facebook store is an extension to your online store Website.It is an app for Facebook which can be used on Facebook fan page and let your user purchase product from Facebook page itself without have to switch from Fan page.Please check this example below from Pure Fix Cycle. More

Wallet Protection plan review – Protect your Wallet Theft

protect-walletI would like to review Wallet protection plan in this post.Lets first see the below video to understand what is Wallet protection.

What is Wallet protection -

Wallet protection scheme helps you to insure all your debit/credit cards in case of theft and loss.It also protect your other document like Pan card and Driving license by reapplying it. More

Sharing my recent India trip

I work at US and this is not the first time I have been to India.So you may feel this topic is common.But it is not as this is my first India trip from US.The difference is a big one and related to our personal behavior,Sanity,cleanness and lot others.I will discuss them in this post.I will also discuss difference I felt in India as it is something which is very difficult to explain to a person who never visited any developed country. More

Why Writing Product Review is important?

In day to day life we search and use lot of product and services on Internet.It can be a hotel, a hair saloon or can be a grocery store.Often we did not know much about the services or business.We then looks for reviews and feedback from other customers or users.But as a customer our job is not only to find feedback but to contribute to these reviews.The first and foremost source of review is from Google itself. More

How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology

a kirana storeThis post is in reference to recent Indian government decision to introduce retail disinvestment.There was a lot of protest in India for this decision by local kirana(retailers) shops owners.Specially Maharashtra had observed a major protest. It is a genuine concern from them but one thing which I never understood was why they never want to go for competition.I want to discuss how small traders can create a group and use technology to increase and retain customers.Lets discuss it one by one. More

6 things we Indian must bring in ourself

We always complain things are not good in India.People do not care about each other.Road and cities are not clean.Government is not doing anything blah blah.List goes on…But the biggest question is are we doing our bit?A small contribution and help can keep your city clean ,make your surrounding a better place and keep you are family happy and safe.Lets see this nice video which demonstrate how you can be kind and still remain anonymous. More

Why you should not use Bookmyshow


Photo courtsey: news18.com

Before I begin let me tell you, I was a big fan of Bookmyshow and had booked a lot of movie ticket from them.I stopped using it from last month when I came to know about this issue.What I found is shocking and still not believed why I used it for so long.I am talking about extra money they charge for booking.  At the moment they called it as internet handling fees, though they never disclose breakup of the charges. More

Employed or Self Employed- Which is better?

cartoon-003-300x300Unluckily I never had a chance to work as a self employed.I am always from beginning started career as a employed person and never actually think beyond it.It only from last years or so when I started my website and started writing as a freelancer, I am thinking about self employed.The Indian mentality  is a big obstacle in it.We always looks for a safe job and want to leave with it. More