All you should know about DigiLocker

If you have not heard of Digilocker yet, I am going to aware you about it in this post.Digilocker is latest initiative launched by Govt of India to allow all citizen to store important document in safe online locker.You can use your Aadhaar number to register to it and then can upload important document like educational doc, Pan card,Passport and other document. More

Why you should donate Books

I see a lot of people selling books to kabadiwala or Raddiwala (People who buy second hand items) as you say.We hardly think about donating it or giving it to needy.Private & Public Schools and publisher created a nexus to force student to buy new books and not to reuse old.This result in heavy profit to publisher and good commission to school but a big burden to parents who cannot afford costly books.I am going to discuss how you can donate books to needy people so that we can save some money for them and contribute to the society. More

New Income tax rule changes you should know

I recently came to know about recent changes in Income tax filing and thought to share with my blog readers.Lets quickly check all of that in bullet points.

  • Online filing are now paperless – Now taxpayers can use their verified Aadhar card to file their income tax and they do not have to physically submit ITR V or other form to CPC office.Presently your tax return will not be complete unless your send your acknowledgement form physically to their office.Income tax office now will send EVC (Electronic verification code) to your mobile number and you can use this number to file.It is not possible for every user to print the form and then send it by post.This step will make return file completely paperless and faster.


How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology -2

This is part 2 of my earlier post - How Small retailers in India can be benefited from Technology. I am going to add extra point to it.The aim of this topic is to find more way for small business in India to attract more customers.Most of the time small business do not care about these important leads and loose customer either in competition of lack of social media.What I am discussing is cheaper or no cost way to attract customers. More

Why you need Power bank – Buying Guide

Power Bank

Image:red5 uk

Nowadays we use a lot of portable electronic devices, like iPad,Smartphones,Tablets,Gaming devices etc.They consume a lot of power and their battery easily drain out.Without power these devices are useless.Power bank acts as power backup for these devices when they ran out of battery.You can recharge your devices just like a regular power supply. More

Why you should not use Pirated Software

piracyAccording to a study 60 percent of Indian uses Pirated software of some kind.23 percent of admit that they intentionally use pirated software.What is surprising is besides home users, small scale industry and sometime big business also uses pirated software.Most of the time people do not understand cons of using pirated one, it result in loss for software companies,Government loss of revenue, job loss.It is also observed sometimes that companies uses single license and install it on multiple machines. More

TrackID review – Track your Kid and Family


As promised I am going to review TrackID in this post.I am very excited to review his product as this is the first of its kind in India.

What is TrackID – TrackID is a small device which will give real time location update of your kid and family.This device can be kept in school bag or personal bag.Real time monitoring can be access thru a mobile phone or PC. More

14 ways to save Money on Groceries



Whether you are a individual or family person, Grocery always takes a major portion of your salary.Sometime it is as much as your monthly rent.Controlling grocery budget can affect your yearly saving.Carefully managing your grocery cost can save upto 25% monthly.I am going to discuss simple way to manage your food and grocery cost which can save minimum of 500-1000 INR from your monthly income.Find interesting, lets see it one by one. More

Create Facebook store using Shopify

This is part two of Shopify review where I am going to discuss how to create your online store on Facebook page.Lets try to understand first what is a Facebook store?

A Facebook store is an extension to your online store Website.It is an app for Facebook which can be used on Facebook fan page and let your user purchase product from Facebook page itself without have to switch from Fan page.Please check this example below from Pure Fix Cycle. More

Wallet Protection plan review – Protect your Wallet Theft

protect-walletI would like to review Wallet protection plan in this post.Lets first see the below video to understand what is Wallet protection.

What is Wallet protection -

Wallet protection scheme helps you to insure all your debit/credit cards in case of theft and loss.It also protect your other document like Pan card and Driving license by reapplying it. More