Why you should not use Bookmyshow


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Before I begin let me tell you, I was a big fan of Bookmyshow and had booked a lot of movie ticket from them.I stopped using it from last month when I came to know about this issue.What I found is shocking and still not believed why I used it for so long.I am talking about extra money they charge for booking.  At the moment they called it as internet handling fees, though they never disclose breakup of the charges.

Employed or Self Employed- Which is better?


Unluckily I never had a chance to work as a self employed.I am always from beginning started career as a employed person and never actually think beyond it.It only from last years or so when I started my website and started writing as a freelancer, I am thinking about self employed.The Indian mentality  is a big obstacle in it.We always looks for a safe job and want to leave with it.

10 Things you must do after a Road Accident

road-accidents-penalties-india_26How quickly you react in case of an accident will determine whether you can save a life or not in case of emergency.Accident can happens to anyone anywhere.But do we know what to do in case of emergency?Indian roads are different than another country so we need to know basis rule of do’s and don’ts.In this post I tried to explain 10 things you must do in case of accident.There are two scenario in accident.Either you are involved or hurt in accident or you are safe but accident happens near to you.These things applicable in both cases:

How to monitor your kids activity on social media – 1



Today I am going to discuss very sensitive topic affecting all parents.Your kids safety on social media.We heard a lot of crime and mishap because of social media misuse.As both major social media Facebook and twitter has 13 years of minimum age to create login, parents needs to be very careful about it.I am also going to discuss about some tools, which helps to monitor kids activity on social media and help parents to make their kids aware about social media drawbacks.I am dividing this in two parts, in this part, I am going to discus more in terms of Facebook and in next part I will discuss about risk of Twitter for your kids.

How to Efficiently take backup of pictures in India

cameraWe all take pictures, videos at important occasion like marriage, birthday, anniversary etc.But are we really preserving them or taking appropriate backup of them? Around 10+ years back we used to have old reel camera in a roll shape.This prohibits us to take less pictures and took days to get print of the pictures.At present everything has converted to digital and we take more pictures and videos and see it in no time.Earlier it used to be in hard albums and now it is converted to cd’s, dvd and pen drive.

Shopify Review – Create your online Store in minutes



I recently came to know that  Shopify started their operation in India and I am very excited to write about it.So for all you who do not know about Shopify , I tried to explain about it and how it really help you to achieve your goal.Let see what is Shopify.

Why CarPool is not working in India


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Today in this post I am going to discuss why CarPool concept is not working so well in India.People still not sharing cars and prefer to go in their own vehicle.It result in huge traffic jam at major circle and point in city.But before I discuss the reason lets quickly understand what is Carpool and its benefits.

How Bangalore ATM attack could have been averted

You all aware about recent attacks on a woman at an ATM in Bangalore.It happened at 7:30 AM in broad day light.I am not going to discuss how it happened but what could have been done to avoid this incident.Lets see this small video news to understand first to what exactly happened at ATM.

How to get Information about your Election Candidate


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Election is just finished in Chhattisgarh, and it is going to happen in Delhi,Mizoram,MP,Rajasthan and Mizoram in Nov and Dec 2013.We have Lok sabha election in 2014.In this post I am going to discuss very important topic on how to get information about candidate contesting in these election.