8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Promoting Personal Blog

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Promoting a personal blog is quite different from promoting a particular niche blog. You need to target appropriate market and work little harder to get your audience. In the personal blog, you write a variety of topic and your personal

7 Awesome Tips To Improve Your English Skills For Blogging

English Language

Today I am going to discuss a common problem every blogger faces before starting their blogging journey. A blogger has to first decide what is the language they are going to select for blogging. English is the most obvious choice

How I Improved my Blog Speed in 48 hours

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A good and successful blog always contains these three elements; quality contents, responsive design, and better blog performance. Today in this post I am going to discuss how I improved performance of my blog in 48 hours.

How to Create and Sell E-books [Infographic]

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If you have remembered in the previous post, I talked about create passive income from a blog by creating and selling e-books. In this post, I will explain step by step process to create and sell e-books.

How I create Pictures for my Blog


I am going to discuss how I create images for my blog. A picture is a very important part of your post. It not only capture the attention of your readers but also makes it easier to share it on social

Netflix in India. Is it Worth? [Infographic]


Netflix recently launched its services in India and other 126 countries. People are long waiting for it. As you know Netflix is a video streaming service to show serial, movies, documentaries etc. Let’s see how much it cost in India.

Top Tools to Create and Track Hashtag [Infographic]


The hashtag is a very important tool for a blogger. If you use Hashtag wisely, you can increase traffic and make you post popular. Along with a quality content, you need an appropriate Hashtag. In this post, I will Explain some

How to Make Your Blog Responsive

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Many of my blogger friends asked me how to make their blog responsive?  They often do not realize the importance of responsive blog to different device and browsers. The result is they lose a major percentage of readers and traffic.

Top 9 Must Tools for Blogger

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Today in this post, I am going to discuss the top 9 tools used by blogger to efficiently managed their time and create effective content. Every blogger thinks differently, and these ideas are from my experience which will increase your

Why You Need Paid Theme For Your Blog

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People often ask me why we need a paid theme for our WordPress blog; A free theme can do the task for me. But the reality is, a paid theme can give you more features, a better performance and a responsive