How to Take Backup your WordPress Blog- Complete Guide

Wordpress backup

Your blog post is a very precious part of your work.  You never want to lose it accidently. Unable to maintain a backup at regular interval may result in loss of your work. In this post, I will discuss the

Why You Should Choose Self Hosting for Your Blog


People often unsure why they should choose self-hosting. They all start with a free blogging platforms like Blogspot, WordPress or Weebly etc but failed to take it to next level. Free blogger platform is good for the beginner but as

Youtube Red review- Remove Ads from Youtube Videos

youtube red

Youtube has recently launched Youtube Red service to provide paid services to Youtube customer. I am going to review Youtube Red services in this post and will give you an overview of the features and what it has for Videomaker and

The Top 10 Influential Female Blogger in India

female blogger

I am going to discuss Top 10 influential female Blogger from India in this post today.In India where housewife or daughter suppose to take care of the responsibility of house, Children, Parents and family, successful female blogger is giving us

5 Best Parental Apps for Your Kids


Parenting is not an easy work in the present world. The digital world which is filled with social media, Violent video games and pornography videos. Kids can easily fall into the trap of digital media if  you will not take

Government New Aviation Policy- What You Should Know


The government of India recently released National Civil Aviation draft. This contains a lot of proposal for both airlines and customers.  I try to explain some points which can directly impact you as customers. Recently we have noticed a hike in

My View on Recent Visit to India by Mark Zuckerberg

net neutralty

Recently Mark visited India for Question & Answers Townhall at IIT Delhi. He has taken a lot of question and expressed his views on a wide variety of topics. I would like to share my views on one of the

A Green Diwali is Happy Diwali

Green Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and very soon we will see Go Green brigade will be giving you message to Go Green and do not light firecrackers to prevent air and Noise pollution. Facebook, Twitter, and social media will be

5 Great Tools To Create Your Email Signature

Email signature

An email signature is a very important part of any business or an individual. Whether you are a businessman, restaurant owner or website owner, you have to have an attractive email signature to promote your business and yourself. It is

Nextbit Robin Smartphone Review – First Cloud based Phone


I am going to review Robin smartphone in this post. This is the first pure cloud-based phone.This is a cool smartphone with great features. Let me first explain what is a Cloud smartphone to give you a better understanding. To