MuleSoft for Salesforce Developers Book-Review

Today in this post, I am going to review MuleSoft for the Salesforce Developers Book by Arul Christhuraj Alphonse, Alexandra Martinez, Akshata Sawant. This is one of the first comprehensive book launched for MuleSoft initial knowledge. 

I am really impressed by the way it is designed and well written.Let me start by mentioning what I liked, who it is for, detailed review, and some bonus tips.

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Table of Contents

Who is this book for?

This is the book for beginners who are new to MuleSoft or coming from Salesforce and need some basic knowledge. Please note there is no pre requisite but you surely need some basic knowledge on API, Salesfroce, Rest, SOAP API or microservices Also note if you are already an advanced user of MuleSoft like a senior MuleSoft developer or Architect or have already MCD L1 and L2 certified, you may feel it is an overlapping information but surely you will find something new in this book. You may not find complex dataweave transformations in this book. 

Important Topics covered in this book


  • Basic of MuleSoft, API and integration

  • API designing including RAML, REST, SOAP and basidc design practice

  • Anypoint Studio setup and how to run apps on local

  • Core components including flow, event, message, sub-flow etc

  • Anypoint platform including API design, Exchange, Runtime Manager, Monitoring

  • Basic Dataweave and transformation

  • Building MuleSoft Application

  • API security and best practices

  • Munit and how to build unit test cases

  • Salesforce integration with MuleSoft – one of the attraction of the book

  • MuleSoft connectors with examples including SFTP, database, Slack, SOAP, REST , VM and more

  • Bonus – Best practices, tips, certification and interview Tips for MuleSoft

  • At the end of the book, you can easily go for MCD Level 1 certification or MuleSoft integration Associate

  • All the chapters have exercises which you can download from Github

Why I love this book?

Very well written and beautifully formatted in the chapters. There are no such book available in the market. The price is kept within the reach for everyone. Also, the exercise and the question at the end of chapter makes it very easy to recap. I myself have a target to publish at least two books in 2023 and this book certainly is a motivation for me. Overall, whether you are a new or experienced API specialist, you must read this book once.

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